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King Princess Performs From Her Hawaiian ‘Quarantine Shed’ For NPR’s At-Home Tiny Desk Series

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series usually brings performers to a confined space to play for an intimately gathered crowd. That isn’t exactly the most acceptable practice during these self-isolating times, so NPR has changed their strategy in recent days, by having artists perform Tiny Desk-style concerts but from their homes a safe distance away. Soccer Mommy launched the series last month, and now the latest artist to perform is King Princess.

Performing from her “quarantine shed” in Hawaii and having “brought as much gear in the carry-on of my plane ride as possible,” she kicked off her three-song set with “Isabel’s Moment” on keyboard, about which she said after, “I love that song. It makes me think of all of the mischief that people are getting up to during this quarantine time. People are texting their exes, they’re texting their ex-best friends, they’re all around on the social media lurking, and I feel like that song is truly an homage to that, that type of quarantine thirstiness we’re all feeling right now, except for me, because I’m really lucky.”

From there, she shifted over to an electric guitar and performed “Prophet” and “Homegirl,” rounding out her set of songs that all came from her 2019 album Cheap Queen.

Watch King Princess’ Tiny Desk performance above.