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Tom Holland Surprising Jimmy Kimmel’s Son On His Birthday As Spider-Man Is Freaking Adorable

Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy recently turned three years old, and as part of the birthday celebrations, the new Regis Philbin promised him that the “real” Spider-Man (a.k.a. some guy in a suit) would show up to his party. That, of course, became impossible once the country went into quarantine, but here’s where it helps to host a popular TV show: he got Tom Holland, the actual real Spider-Man, to wish Billy a happy birthday.

During Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Holland donned a makeshift Spider-Man costume to talk to Billy — it’s as adorable as it sounds. “How you doing?” the Far From Home star asked the birthday boy, who was too shy to respond. Unlike his sister, Jane, who exclaimed, “That is Peter Parker!” Maybe Billy was hoping for Tobey Maguire.

How else has Holland been staying busy in recent weeks, besides putting every other kid’s Spidey-themed birthday party to shame. He wrote a screenplay with his brother Harry, which they recently sent to producers, and he’s been working with The Brothers Trust, “a charity set up by his family to raise much-needed funds for various causes; and participating in ‘massive pub quizzes’ as a way to ensure that a sense of community continues in this period of home isolation,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

But yeah, it’s mostly Spider-Man drop-ins.