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Paris Hilton Co-Signs Kim Petras’ Cover Of Her Debut Single ‘Stars Are Blind’

Since her 2019 debut Clarity, Kim Petras has positioned herself as a force to be reckoned with. Whether she’s giving a captivating performance on daytime television or telling off the Westboro Baptist Church for picketing outside one of her shows, Petras always brings her best. Since stuck in quarantine, the singer has been giving covers of some of her favorite songs. Petras’ latest cover of Paris Hilton’s debut single grabbed the celebrity’s attention and won over her support.

Accompanied by just an acoustic guitar, Petras performed a cover of Paris Hilton’s 2006 track “Stars Are Blind.” “This is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite people, Paris Hilton,” Petras gushed before launching into the rendition. “Some people never get beyond their stupid pride / But you can see the real me inside,” Petras belted.

The cover caught the attention of Hilton herself, who showed her appreciation to Petras for the cover. “This was so beautiful it made me cry,” Hilton wrote on Twitter.

The cover arrives shortly after one of Petras’ Clarity tracks appeared in a lip-synch battle on this season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Fighting for their chance to stay on the show, two drag queens put on an epic show while singing along to Petras’ buoyant song “Heart To Break.”

Watch Petras cover Hilton’s ‘Stars Are Blind’ above.