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Adam Sandler Returns To ‘SNL’ To Go ‘Crazy’ With Pete Davidson In A Quarantine Musical Number

SNL returned with a second quarantine edition that did not disappoint. First, they had Brad Pitt as Anthony Fauci (dreams do come true!), and then Adam Sandler made his grand return in a musical number led by Pete Davidson. Oh, there was some Rob Schneider in the mix, too, uttering his famous line from The Waterboy: “You can do it!”

Sorry, Schneider, you’re outta luck here, despite all presumably good intentions. This episode does not shy away from how Davidson and Sandler are feeling the same way that a lot of folks do… a little stir-“crazy” during self-isolation? That’s perfectly understandable, and no one can blame anyone for not answering the door, even if Schneider comes knocking because, after all, social distancing is where it’s at right now.

Still, it’s to Sandler’s credit that he’s been so proactive in amusing folks over these past few weeks. He’s already loopily hit up Conan O’Brien with wild stories, and he’s issued a special song for heroes (the real ones), and now, he’s doing everything he can to entertain people on a Saturday evening. Props also to Davidson, and even Schneider, for giving us laughs during difficult times. Thank goodness for SNL, man.