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BadBadNotGood Take One Idea In Two Jazzy Directions On A Pair Of New Songs

BadBadNotGood is a versatile group, as they’ve collaborated with everybody from Ghostface Killah to Future Islands frontperson Samuel T. Herring. As far as producing their own output, though, it’s been a while. Their latest full-length release, IV, came out in 2016. Today, though, the group returns with a pair of new songs, “Goodbye Blue” and “Glide (Goodbye Blue Pt. 2).”

As the titles suggest, the tracks are connected to each other. While “Goodbye Blue” features singer Jonah Yano and has shades of R&B and classic vocal jazz, “Glide” takes things in a more instrumental jazz direction, more closely aligned with the work the band has become known for.

The band’s Chester Hansen says of the new tracks:

“The end of 2018 was the beginning of the first long break from touring that we’ve had basically since we started as a band. It was a time of reflection and the opportunity for us to explore all sorts of things. ‘Goodbye Blue’ was one of the songs that came out of this. Eventually, we worked some of the melodies and feeling into a second instrumental which felt like it stood on its own, but was definitely a companion piece. We hope that everyone enjoys these two songs and they offer some peace in these troubled times.”

Listen to “Goodbye Blue” and “Glide (Goodbye Blue Pt. 2)” above.