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You Can Now Stream The Soundtrack From ‘The Last Dance’

With four episodes released and six more to come, ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary is just getting started. With that said, the look behind the scenes at the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls is garnering a massive following and, in addition to simply enjoying the viewing experience every Sunday evening, fans are looking to dive deeper into the content. To that end, individuals can now listen to the soundtrack for the documentary on Spotify and Michael Jordan’s manager and spokesman Estee Portnoy shared the news.

The musical backdrop to the documentary is already drawing rave reviews, from the nostalgia brought upon by the Bulls’ intro music (“Sirius”) from the Alan Parsons Project to all kinds of hits from the 1990s. Still, it is another thing entirely to be able to consume the entire catalog in one place and, in between episodes, this is perhaps the best way to keep people engaged with the product, even while they yearn for the two-hour blocks on Sunday.

Ultimately, it could be argued that the combination of throwback highlights of one of the greatest teams in sports history and top-shelf music is what generates the kind of reactions The Last Dance has been seeing to this point. Still, these are fantastic songs and they can transport people back to the era, even without seeing the images on screen … at least until the fifth and six episodes drop on May 3.