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Selena Gomez Decided To Release An Impressive ‘Doll Version’ Of Her ‘Boyfriend’ Video

It’s hard to promote an album these days with the world being how it is at the moment. Still, Selena Gomez has found a way: Today, she has shared a new version of her recent “Boyfriend” video, except it has been carefully re-created with dolls instead of people.

Gomez herself didn’t actually sit down, meticulously reposition dolls and other props, and make this video frame by frame, though. Instead, she turned to somebody with more experience in that arena: a Instagrammer/YouTuber who goes by “Selena Gomez Doll.” Good news for folks who like this “Boyfriend” video: over the past few years, Gomez Doll has also re-created other Gomez videos in the same fashion.

The person behind the Gomez Doll account was certainly thrilled when they discovered that the real Gomez followed them on Instagram, writing last month, “I cannot believe that Selena actually followed me!! i woke up and saw a message that said selena followed me and i was so confused.. i can’t believe it was actually true!!! i can’t believe my idol actually followed me!! i’m still shaking, this was so unexpected!! i’ve been a hardcore selenator since 2012 and i’ve been making stop motions on youtube and pictures on this account for almost 6 years, never did i think that selena would actually follow me!! i’m so happy right now ahhhhhhhhhh!!! this honestly feels like a dream come true!!”

Watch the “Boyfriend” video above, and check out some other re-made videos from Selena Gomez Doll below.