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Shannon Brown Was Arrested For Allegedly Shooting At Two Home Invaders

Over the course of his eight-year NBA career, Shannon Brown made a name for himself as one of the league’s most electrifying high-fliers, and he was able to parlay that natural athleticism into a complementary role alongside Kobe Bryant and the Lakers during their back-to-back championship runs in 2009 and 2010.

Brown has since retired from the NBA but continues to make his way in pro basketball via the BIG3, as co-captain of the expansion team, Aliens. But this week, Brown raised eyebrows when a report emerged that he’d been arrested for allegedly firing a gun at two people who had entered his home.

According to a report from TMZ, the two people in question claimed that they were house-hunting in his Georgia neighborhood and saw a for-sale sign outside of Brown’s home. They further claimed that his front door was open when they approached and that someone had invited them inside.

Via TMZ Sports:

The police spokesperson says once the individuals were inside … they say Brown confronted them, before ultimately agreeing to let them go.

But, the two say as they were leaving … Brown fired 5 to 6 shots at them.

The spokesperson says when cops investigated … they found one shell casing in the area — and eventually arrested the former NBA player for aggravated assault.

So far, there is only the police report on file and the claims made by the two individuals in question. We’ve yet to hear Brown’s side of the story. After the initial arrest on May 2, Brown was reportedly out on bond as of May 4. Brown was the 25th pick by the Cavs in 2006 and played for eight different teams during his career.

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