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Tom Holland Is The Latest Avenger To Praise The 6-Year-Old Boy Who Saved His Sister’s Life

Not one to be outdone by his fellow Avengers, Tom Holland is the latest Marvel hero to swoop in and praise six-year-old Bridger Walker for saving his little sister’s life.

After learning about the viral story of how Bridger placed himself between an attacking dog and his little sister so she could run to safety while he took the brunt of the assault, which resulted in 90 stitches, Holland cleared his schedule to FaceTime the young hero and not only thank him for his bravery, but invite him to the set of the third Spider-Man film when it starts production.

“Your little sister is so lucky to have someone like you. I mean, you’re just such a brave little kid. It’s not easy what you did, mate, you should be proud of yourself,” Holland told the starstruck boy, who was understandably shy during the call. “We’re going to be shooting Spider-Man 3, and if you ever want to come to the set and hang out and see the Spider-Man suit up close and hang out with us, you’re always welcome. You’ll always be my guest.”

You can see Holland FaceTime the young hero below:

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Holland’s FaceTime call follows video messages from Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, who were both blown away by Bridger’s brave decision to sacrifice his life to protect his little sister. When the story went viral, the young boy said, “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me,” which prompted Evans to reach out and promise to send Bridger an “authentic Captain America shield” for going above and beyond his duties as a big brother.

Not even a day later, Hemsworth joined Evans by praising Bridger in a video message and inviting him to join the Avengers. Hemsworth also dubbed the young hero worthy of wielding Thor’s hammer. “You’re an absolute inspiration,” he said. “Your courage is beyond belief and we are all so impressed by you.”

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