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Cardi B Warns Of Impending Voter Registration Deadlines And Urges Fans To Vote

Whether she’s wondering where her tax dollars are going or slamming politicians about the government shutdown, Cardi B is known for using her large platform to share her political views. Now, the rapper has partnered with bi-partisan organization HeadCount to make sure fans are ready to vote in November’s election.

Cardi took to her label’s social media to share a video statement warning fans of upcoming voter registration deadlines. “Let me tell y’all something. State deadlines are coming very quick,” she said, directing fans to check their registration status.

Cardi B’s voter registration reminder is the latest in a handful of political actions. Not only did the rapper express an interest in returning to school and running for Congress earlier this year, but Cardi also hopped on the opportunity to interview Joe Biden ahead of the November election.

The rapper had previously expressed her support for Bernie Sanders, but she and Biden were able to discuss a number of policies from healthcare to eduction. During the conversation, Cardi had one major request for Biden: “I just want Trump out.”

Watch Cardi B’s full message above and check your voter registration here.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.