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This Crazy Mississippi State Pick Six Looks Like A Horrific ‘Madden’ Glitch

It can be a bit cliched to compare things that happen in sports to what you might see in a video game. While I fully concede this, if you have played enough Madden in your life, something similar to what happened in Saturday’s game between Mississippi State and 11th ranked Texas A&M has probably happened to you. And depending on what side of the moment you are on, it either makes your week or makes you want to quit playing video games altogether.

Aggies signal caller Kellen Mond dropped back on a third-and-6 and thought he had a receiver across the middle of the field. It’s hard to tell if a Bulldog defensive player got their hand in there or if the intended receiver, Ainias Smith, had it bounce off of his body, but regardless, the ball lazily popped up into the air and landed in the hands of Mississippi State’s Emmanuel Forbes.

After making Mond miss, Forbes took off in the other direction. No one touched him, and 60 yards later, the Bulldogs got on the board for the first time in the game.

Forbes deserves a ton of credit for keeping his head on a swivel and being in the right place at the right time. Still, this is quite the strange sequence of events, and if this happened to me in a game of Madden, I would almost certainly snap my controller in half.