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Ivanka Trump’s Obliviously Weird Winter Solstice Trivia Is Being Roasted Into Oblivion

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner won’t be welcomed by New York City at large following January’s inauguration of Joe Biden, and it really seems like — from the look of Ivanka’s tweets — that she’s feeling rootless. In the process, she’s been tossing out a bunch of (attempted) feel-good, off-topic tweets (relative to the Trump “Elite Strike Force” challenging the election) that land like she’s obviously aiming for distraction. This includes the Mount Rushmore photo of her dad that’s still being dragged, along with her bizarre celebrations about greenhouse gases and the stock market.

These bright-and-sunny tweets land alongside what CNN’s calling her more “combative” side that’s recently emerged, like when she’s lashing out at a “vindictive” lawsuit having to do with inaugural funds going to Trump properties. Then there’s the really random entries, like Ivanka’s ode to a flower: “The Rose, our National flower, is held dear as the symbol of love and devotion, of beauty and eternity.”

Also, Ivanka’s now on an astrology kick? “On December 21st, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will be at their closest visible alignment,” she seriously tweeted. “[J]ust a 10th of a degree apart, since the Middle Ages in 1226.”

It’s really something. Plenty of people do pay attention to astrology, of course, but Ivanka’s sudden embrace of the topic has invited some “Uranus” jokes. People are wondering whether Ivanka has any idea what she’s talking about, or if she simply stumbled upon some literal trivia and decided to roll with it.

Of course, people are also adding their own forecasts into the fold: “On January 20th, the planets will align again, doing away with the last 4 years of being in the Middle Ages.” That’s gotta sting.

Wait, is this a rebranding effort? Sit down, Nancy Reagan. Ivanka Trump might be preparing to one-up your ghost with her own psychic hotline.