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‘Jeopardy!’ Champion James Holzhauer Honored Alex Trebek Ahead Of His Final Episode

The final episode of Jeopardy! with Alex Trebek as host airs on Friday, closing a legendary chapter in the syndicated game show’s history. Trebek died in November after a battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a show that will continue without his enormous presence.

Tributes to Trebek have come from all over in recent days. The show itself paused airing new episodes for a two-week tribute to Trebek’s travels around the world, and basically everyone involved in the show — even Ryan Reynolds — has something kind to say about Trebek. That includes James Holzhauer, the record-breaking Jeopardy! champ who competed in 2020’s Greatest Of All Time Tournament.

Holzhauer shared a brief Twitter thread where he paid tribute to Trebek, starting with a very funny promo poster of Trebek looking like James Bond.

“It’s easy to forget that Jeopardy is basically “Let’s watch these three strangers take a GED test, except they have to pretend THEY’RE asking US the questions because reasons,” Holzhauer wrote. “Alex made that concept into the biggest thing on TV, into a lifelong dream for prospective contestants.”

Holzhauer eloquently stated the importance of Trebek to the show, not in the impact it has had on him personally but also in Trebek’s dedication to the program, right until the final days of his life.

“I feel very grateful for the time we had together—not just in the studio but also in my living room, where he’s felt like a member of the family for 30+ years,” Holzhauer wrote. It’s a lovely tribute to Trebek for sure, and in a week that’s been troubling to say the least, the final on-camera moments of Trebek’s life will bring an additional sadness to millions watching. More tributes will come, but it will be tough to beat this one.