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‘WandaVision’ Will Eventually Move From Sitcom Land To A ‘Full, MCU Action Movie,’ Says Paul Bettany

WandaVision will officially launch the MCU’s Phase Four with next Friday’s Disney+ premiere, which is reported to be a double-dip of episodes. Whether we actually get two episodes (out of the total of nine) remains to be seen, but Jimmy Kimmel is not thrilled with not being able to see a preview screener before interviewing the man who embodies Vision, Paul Bettany. Given that Kimmel can’t see it while working for the same parent company as Disney+, yup, it sure says a lot about Disney and Marvel Studios’ continued commitment to keeping things airtight to avoid spoilers.

Still, Kimmel couldn’t resist theorizing and bouncing ideas off Bettany on Thursday evening. At around the 8:00 mark above, the host guessed that the entire show doesn’t stick around in sitcom land (although it starts in a Dick Van Dyke-esque manner), and Bettany surprisingly confirmed this hunch. To Kimmel’s delight, the actor responded, “That’s 100 percent correct.”

Tell us more, Paul Bettany. He did: “We hurtle through the decades, and we hit different genres of sitcoms and then Vision begins to think that this is getting a little weird, you know. And in the end, you end up in full, MCU action movie.” There was no further comment on whether we’ll hear anything else about Vision’s anatomy, and it’s doubtful that we’ll see anything visually confirmed here. Then again, Disney was alright with Avengers: Endgame‘s tribute to “America’s Ass,” so we might hear a few jokes in that regard. Truly, anything can happen.

WandaVision gets funky on Disney+ on January 15.