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A MAGA Rioter Absolutely Biffing An Attempt To Scale A Capitol Wall Got The Inevitable Jim Ross Wrestling Call

Because the internet has a funny little way of processing the horrifying by isolating brief moments of humor and using them to process an event, a video of Wednesday’s legitimately scary attempt to take over the United States Capitol by a number of MAGA protestors is now the butt of jokes. Specifically, it is the butt of one joke involving legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross.

In the video, a supporter of president Donald Trump is shown attempting to scale a wall, but it is obvious that they need some help. As someone reaches their arm down to try and get them up, the person’s grip falters and they go tumbling to the ground below. In classic internet fashion, this video got made fun of endlessly because, well, the person in it looks ridiculous.

One person decided to take it one step further and bust out a joke that has been on Twitter for years. The video had the audio stripped away and was replaced by the audio of Ross calling Mankind getting thrown off of Hell In A Cell by The Undertaker in 1998.

The primary thing here is kudos to whomever did this for getting the audio all synched up perfectly, because they nailed the moment where that person hit the ground, which looked slightly more cumbersome than when it happened to Mick Foley. There is no word on whether or not this person also got broken in half, as god as my witness.