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Seth Rogen Got Into A Hilariously Profane Twitter Fight With Rightwing Pundit Hugh Hewitt

The Republican party is in tatters right now, and for a good reason: On Wednesday, a claque of Trump supporters led an attempted coup, which failed but still resulted in five deaths. Even many of the more moderate members of the party now have to face the fact that they either egged on a dangerous president or stayed silent as he shredded untold norms. (Those that never liked Trump anyway have been distancing themselves even more.) Some have even tried to demand that Democrats and progressives go easy on them, that the only way to heal a bitterly divided nation is by forgiving and forgetting. But that plea has not been met too kindly either.

On Sunday, Hugh Hewitt — the longtime conservative pundit, who presents himself as a calm, eggheady alternative to, let’s say, Rush Limbaugh — thought he was offering an olive branch to the other side of the aisle. “The president-elect still has the opportunity to begin his Administration with an appeal based on Lincoln’s first administration: ‘We are not enemies, but friends. We cannot be enemies.”

But there was one outspoken Democrat who was particularly appalled that Hewitt would put the onus on the party whose followers didn’t storm the Capitol building, armed with weapons and pull ties: Seth Rogen.

“We’ve already established that your words are meaningless and you have no set of morals that you consistently abide by, and therefor you should probably just shut up?” Rogen tweeted back at him.

Hewitt replied by inviting him on his radio show, though he quickly dovetailed into accusations. “I don’t think you will want to discuss anything that involves genuine moral choice, such as subservience to the box office demands of the Chinese Communist Party or your beliefs generally,” he wrote. But Rogen wasn’t having that either, replying, “My movies don’t come out in China you moron.”

The pundit kept at it, continuing to invite him on. But Rogen wasn’t having it. After Hewitt said it was “news to me” that the actor and filmmaker had “taken a principled position” against China, Rogen retorted, “Everything is news to you because you’re a f*cking moron.”

Still, Hewitt persisted, eventually leading Rogen to make things extra clear to him. “There might have been a time when your vocabulary could mask the fact that you’re an empty toilet waiting to be filled with s*it, just to give it purpose, but that time has passed.”

Rogen wasn’t the only person who took umbrage with Hewitt’s attempt at conciliation. Some pointed out that maybe Abraham Lincoln is the wrong person to invoke after a deadly conservative attack.

Anyway, a reminder to Hewitt and other conservatives attempting to save face after emboldening a dangerous president: Demanding forgiveness is not how this works.

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