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King Von Is Being Watched In His Posthumous ‘Armed & Dangerous’ Video

Before his death, King Von was one of rap’s finest storytellers. That extended to his visuals as well, like in his recently released “Wayne’s Story” video, which chronicles the downward spiral into a life of crime. Now Von’s estate has shared another visual the rapper made before his passing, for Welcome To O’Block standout “Armed & Dangerous.”

The new video begins with Von taking a trash can out to the curb when he notices he’s being watched by a lot of suspicious characters. Then, in a flash, Von is wearing an orange jumpsuit in prison and playing basketball with other inmates. On the track, he references his run-ins with law enforcement, like on the chorus when he raps, “Police steady watching me, every day they clocking me / Red alert, armed and dangerous, I keep that Glock on me / And I ain’t looking for no trouble, I’m just looking out for me / ‘Cause I done did shit that n****s ain’t talking ’bout no rapping beef.”

In an interview conducted shortly before his death, Von told Uproxx about the inspiration behind the stories in his music and visuals, saying, “It’s really just me making everything up. My imagination is decent. I know how to just think of sh*t. I just come up with what type of story I would want to start off with. F*cking somebody or fixing to rob somebody? What’s his name? Who you fixing to rob? What he rob him for? You see what I’m saying? Then I just put it together.”

Watch the “Armed & Dangerous” video above.