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Lamar Jackson Couldn’t Help But Have Some Fun When A Reporter Named (Who?) Mike Jones Asked Him A Question

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens were in a very good mood on Sunday afternoon as they finally got over the hump for their first postseason win with last year’s MVP at quarterback with a 20-13 win in Tennessee over the Titans.

Not only was it their first win in the playoffs with Jackson, but they got to avenge last season’s upset to the Titans in the Divisional Round and get some payback for the Titans stomping on their midfield logo earlier this season by returning the favor after Marcus Peters’ game-sealing interception. Jackson proved how he is the one and only who you can’t clone on Sunday, rushing for 136 yards and one sensational 47-yard touchdown in the win.

All of this made for a light atmosphere in the postgame media session for Jackson. Part of doing these sessions in the Zoom world is having the reporter’s name called out before each question. So, when Mike Jones of USA Today got called on to ask Jackson about the game, the former MVP couldn’t help but be delighted by the reporter sharing his name with the legendary Houston rapper and had some fun.

I love that you can see Lamar fighting back the urge to crow out “Mike Joooones” before being unable to suppress the natural instinct all of us that were of a certain age back then during Jones’ mid-aughts run. This is obviously not something new to the reporter Jones, who chuckled along with Jackson before continuing on with the question. If Lamar has any followups, he can hit Mike’s line at 281-330-8004.