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‘Sex And The City’ Is Officially Coming Back With Three Of The Original Main Foursome

It’s been over a decade since the last time we saw Carrie Bradshaw and her three compatriots, who turned Manhattan into a playground of men, brunch, and high-end duds. So this should come as no surprise: Sex and the City, one of the shows that helped take HBO next level in the late ’90s, is coming back on HBO Max, albeit with three out of the original four main cast members returning.

The news was broken by star Sarah Jessica Parker, who took to Instagram to reveal a new short teaser, showing a much-changed New York City, as well as Carrie’s famous typing. Mind you, nothing’s shot yet: The production will begin in the spring, and the revival will run only 10 episodes.

What’s more, this abbreviated catch-up will only feature Parker’s Carrie, Kristin Davis’ Charlotte, and Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda. Not returning is Kim Cattrall, which means no Samantha, the most ravenous of the quartet. Cattrall’s feuds with Parker are infamous, and has even suggested the role be recast should they exhume it.

Sex and the City ran for six seasons spread from 1998 to 2008. It was followed by two big screen movies, the second of which was longer than even Goodfellas. The show broke ground in terms of female sex positivity, showing women proudly and enthusiastically pursuing and enjoying sex, all while being strong career women. (Although the more traditionalist Charlotte was not judged for wanting to settle down with a husband and family.) The new show will likely break ground, too: It will follow the characters in their 50s, and the number of shows or movies about middle-aged women with active sex lives is now, as then, thin on the ground.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)