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Azealia Banks Dug Up Her Dead Cat And Boiled It In A Disturbing Video

It’s been a long time since Azealia Banks’ name has trended on social media due to her music. Unfortunately, the latest incident of increased notoriety for the Harlem rapper was par for the course as horrified music fans woke up today to find see her trending on Twitter — and even more so once they found out why.

The “212” rapper, who has been more well-known in recent years for her feuds with other celebrities and interest in the occult, posted a video to her Instagram Story of her digging up and boiling her dead cat Lucifer, apparently in an effort to bring it back to life. Clearly, she’s never seen Pet Semetary, or she’d know just how bad an idea that is.

All jokes aside, the video was quickly deleted, but nothing is ever truly deleted on the internet (we aren’t posting it here, but you can find it on Twitter — you shouldn’t, though). While the initial reactions were troubled, it didn’t take long for fans to begin making light of the situation, comparing Banks to her stylistic successors, posting screenshots from the universally-panned 2019 screen adaptation of Cats, and making the same crude joke.

Since exploding into pop culture’s consciousness in 2012 with her breakout single “212,” Banks has become better known for her concerning, frustrating, and often alarming antics and social media posts than her music, despite keeping up a relatively steady stream of new releases over the years. From beefing with Cardi B, Lana Del Rey, Nicki Minaj, and even Elon Musk, Azealia’s public feuds, and disturbing behavior have overshadowed her talent.