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Drake Gave A Friendly Shout Out To Hyzah, A Young Nigerian Artist Whose Freestyle Went Viral

Drake has his ear to the ground when it comes to up-and-coming musicians, like when the rapper signed PartyNextDoor to his OVO label way back in 2013. But Drake also keeps an eye out for viral fame, much to the delight of young Nigerian artist Hyzah. After his freestyle went viral over the weekend, Drake gave a friendly cosign to the aspiring musician.

Hyzah’s viral moment sparked when a Twitter user walked passed him on the street in Lagos and was blown away by his rhythmic flow. After posting a video of him, Hyzah’s image went viral and other clips of his different freestyles began to circulate.

In the midst of his viral fame, Hyzah made an Instagram account to further share his music. Hyzah gained tens of thousands of followers overnight as more people saw his videos. One of the many followers was Drake himself, an impressive feat as the rapper only follows 2,400 people compared to his 74.2 million follower count.

Sharing news of Drake’s follow, Hyzah wrote: “Just yesterday i had only 2 followers only to wake up this morning to see Drake @champagnepapi following me…”

Drake’s support didn’t end there. After Hyzah publicly thanked Drake, the rapper and the young artist swapped some friendly DMs. “U are amazing,” Drake praised Hyzah in a message.

Check out Drake cosigning Hyzah above.