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Woj Was Giddy To Break The James Harden Trade On ESPN’s ‘NFL Live’

James Harden is a Brooklyn Net. And Victor Oladipo is a Houston Rocket. And Caris LeVert is an Indiana Pacer. And Jarrett Allen is a Cleveland Cavalier.

Basically, a lot happened on Wednesday afternoon in the NBA, and when something as monstrous as the four-team James Harden deal takes place, it is Adrian Wojnarowski’s job to deliver the details to the masses both on the internet and on television. Usually, Woj pops up on The Jump or SportsCenter to talk NBA gossip and break down a trade like this, but in this instance, ESPN simply cannot wait to have him explain how a deal that sends a former MVP to play with another MVP and involves eight (8) draft picks and swaps and an All-Star going from a surprise fourth team back.

As it so happens, this trade broke just as the crew from NFL Live was settling in to discuss the upcoming Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs and took a detour to let a clearly giddy Woj break some NBA news in the midst of ESPN’s top NFL show.

Woj isn’t known for being exactly effervescent as a personality, but this seemed like as happy a moment as he’s had on TV, getting to talk about a big NBA trade on, as he said, his favorite NFL program. Woj figures to be a busy man for the rest of the day as he’ll surely show up on SportsCenters for the rest of the night, but his debut on NFL Live will surely be the highlight of his day.