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‘WandaVision’s Kathryn Hahn Swears She ‘Couldn’t Have Dreamt A Cooler Part’ Than Her Nosy Neighbor

Later this week, Kathryn Hahn makes her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut when WandaVision starts streaming on Disney+, and for the first time, the actress is opening up about her mysterious character “Agnes” and what it’s like joining the ambitious project that will bend reality as it hurtles through decades of classic TV. While not much is known about Hahn’s Agnes, some Marvel fans are convinced that she’s secretly Agatha Harkness, an ancient sorceress from the comics who’s both mentored the Scarlet Witch and been her adversary. In short, the two characters have a history together, and in a new interview, Hahn reveals that WandaVision will go deep into the Scarlet Witch’s “dark” and “traumatic” backstory, which is what drew Hahn to the project.

Unlike the Marvel films, WandaVision can take its time really exploring the characters including Hahn’s Agnes who will play a central role in the story. “I couldn’t have dreamt a cooler part, honestly,” Hahn said. “I was thrilled.” It also doesn’t hurt that while the Marvel films are notoriously secret, Hahn was tipped off to the mysteries of WandaVision while the show was filming. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

So I did have the luxury of knowing where everybody was headed; I got to know the whole thing. As the decades hurdled by, the trick was to hold steady to something in the center, and that became really fun. Agnes’ role, especially in a classic sitcom sense, is that neighbor who’s always flopping over uninvited and offering advice. We know nothing about her own homelife, and she’s always complaining while at their house. There’s such a legacy of those characters from so many shows, and it was really fun to research that trope.

Ahead of WandaVision’s premiere, the series official Twitter account released a character poster featuring Hahn’s Agnes, which you can see below:

WandaVision starts streaming January 15 on Disney+.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)