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Trump Reportedly Won’t Pay Rudy Giuliani’s Legal Fees Because He’s Big Mad About Being Impeached (Again)

As member of Trump’s so-called “Legal Strike Force,” no one can deny that Rudy Giuliani worked hard, even if he kept on screwing everything up, and he was totally grifting because there was never a chance for him to overturn Biden’s win in the first place. Between the Total Landscaping farce, the goo-oozing, the passing gas in public, and the COVID-19 spreading, well, the guy worked it, even if he was entirely inept and probably corrupt. Surprise, none of that overturned the election, and Trump reacted by inciting a failed MAGA coup upon the U.S. Capitol, which obviously backfired (in a lethal way); and now, Trump’s looking for someone to blame for his misery and place in history as the only U.S. president to be impeached twice.

That person would be Rudy Giuliani. And since Trump can’t even tweet now, he’s reportedly sticking it to Rudy in the only way possible: by telling his aides not to cough up the former NYC mayor’s reported $20,000 per day. Actually, if you go back to that fee report, Rudy previously denied that number to the New York Times while insisting that there’s no formal agreement for him to be paid, only “to work it out in the end.” Well, the Washington Post reports that Trump is now so “isolated and angry,” that Rudy’s getting the shaft and won’t be getting paid, despite even co-starring in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm as part of his role in Trump’s inner circle.

Rude, right? It’s also not surprising. Trump is apparently steamed that Rudy hasn’t publicly defended him over the U.S. Capitol riot. The New York Times has also confirmed WaPo‘s reporting and added that the outgoing president won’t even take Rudy’s calls anymore. So basically, Rudy (who is formally Trump’s personal attorney) is getting Geraldo’d, and one imagines that we might hear his perspective on this at some point on cable news. Fingers crossed for that to happen because when Rudy’s involved in anything, you know it’ll eventually get even messier.

(Via Washington Post & New York Times)