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When ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Returns For Season 15, It Will Be ‘All About This Bullsh*t’

Last year, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator, Rob McElhenney, said that they would continue to do to the show forever, or as long as FX would allow them to. Last month, FX gave them as close to “forever” as one can get in this industry by renewing the series for another four seasons, through Season 18, which is way more seasons than needed to make it the longest-running live-action comedy in TV history.

Most recently, McElhenney has been working on shooting the second season of Apple TV+’s Mythic Quest, where he’s run into some COVID-19 issues, but he’s still looking ahead to the next season of Sunny. Earlier this week, McEllhenney was asked if there are any updates on Season 15, and he very succinctly responded that they were doing it and that it would be “all about this bullsh*t.”

It’s not immediately clear to what “bulls**t” McElhenney is referring, because there is so much of it? The COVID-19 pandemic? The election bullsh*t? The Capitol insurrection? The absurdity of much of it seems tailor-made for not just an episode, but an entire season of It’s Always Sunny, a season that would absolutely have to include Charlie working behind the scenes of Four Seasons Total Landscaping. I’m sure there’s an amazing alt-history where The Gang is partially responsible for Rudy Guiliani booking that particular Philly venue.

The possibilities are endless, and given the topical nature of the next season, I think it’s finally their year to bring home a statue.