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You’re Going To Have To Wait A While Longer To Watch That ‘Sopranos’ Prequel Film

Warner Bros.’ decision to drop their entire 2021 film slate on their flailing streamer HBO Max (on the same day they hit theaters, mind you) was met with a lot of disdain, as well as worry about what it meant for the future of actual moviegoing. But there were a few upsides: At least people wouldn’t have to risk their lives to see The Many Saints of Newark, the big Sopranos prequel movie, in a theater. And it was due in March! But not anymore: As per Variety, the highly anticipated organized crime pic has been bumped all the way to October.

Mind you, the film — which revolves around the fathers of Christopher Moltisanti and Tony Soprano and who will be played by Alessandro Nivola and Jon Bernthal — was originally supposed to come out in October of last year. Then an unstoppable pandemic, which is now worse than it’s ever been, after nearly a year, put the kibosh on that. It was then bumped to March 12, which at the time seemed like a good approximation of when a rational society would get this under control. But even that was too generous.

No reason was given for the six month bump, though the move does place it in the heart of awards season. In the meantime, all the people who finally signed up for HBO Max in the hopes of watching a bunch of blockbusters can spend the extra time re-bingeing The Sopranos‘ six excellent seasons — or tooling around the service’s epic coffers, which includes everything from WB and DC titles to classic movies to Studio Ghibli to Looney Tunes.

(Via Variety)