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The ‘Last Week Tonight’ Season 8 Trailer Promises John Oliver Will Return To Help Us Through 2021

After detonating the words “2020” and finally getting the tongue lashing from Adam Driver he so desperately wanted in the Season 7 finale, John Oliver will return when Last Week Tonight comes back for its eighth season in February. To promote Oliver’s return, HBO tossed together a trailer for Season 8, which is mostly just clips from 2020 due to the topical nature of the show. However, many of the issues that America was facing last year are still very much in the forefront in 2021: The coronavirus, Trump refusing to concede, conspiracy theories. They’re all here!

When Oliver last signed off, he couldn’t believe that he was still talking about “this a**hole” Trump not accepting the results of the presidential election. As a “parting gift to the country, Trump is somehow managing to divide us even further while also hobbling his successor at the worse possible time,” Oliver said, and he was pretty spot on. The Last Week Tonight host made that prediction on November 16, and obviously, the situation did not improve. Trump’s continued rejection led to a full-on assault on the Capitol building, which resulted in him being impeached for a second time.

Considering Biden will be inaugurated next week, Trump’s refusal to accept the election should be down to a dull roar by the time Last Week Tonight returns, but the way 2021 is already going, we wouldn’t rule anything out.

Last Week Tonight kicks off its eighth season on February 14 on HBO.

(Via Last Week Tonight)