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Failed MAGA Coup Rioters Are Apparently Being Turned In By Their Own Families

Donald Trump will leave office later this week despite, you know, everything. The fallout of the coup attempt that he incited at an early January rally will be felt for years to come, both for Trump in his second impeachment trial and other potential legal liabilities. Those legal consequences are certainly being felt by some of his supporters, hundreds of which have been identified by the FBI and are currently being arrested by authorities. And as it turned out, they got plenty of help not just from random people online, but from within the families of the rioters themselves.

According to The Guardian, a number of people contacted the FBI about members of their own family after they learned they were present in Washington and attended the rally and subsequent storming of the US Capitol. Some of the quotes in the piece really are stunning, especially given the context of how brazen some people were in revealing what they did.

Lopez found out about her in-law’s participation when the woman in question called her aunt from inside the Capitol to brag about “taking back the election”. Lopez, who is 42, said she had known the relative her whole life but had “no qualms” about reporting her.

“If I saw my grandmother making bombs in her basement, or my aunt breaking into a home, I would have to intervene as well – it’s just about doing what’s right,” she said.

Another teenager quoted in the piece revealed that their own mother had attended the riots, posting about it online and speaking to Good Morning America about why she felt the video needed to be made.

The Massachusetts teen Helena Duke received a flood of support this week when she posted a video outing her own mother, aunt and uncle as having attended the Capitol protests.

The 18-year-old said her mother, who appears to be harassing a Black woman in the video shared, previously condemned her for attending Black Lives Matter protests. “If I did nothing, I felt I was as bad as them,” Duke told Good Morning America.

For some of these of these folks, well, they didn’t need anyone to do much detective work because they told on themselves.

The election and its aftermath will certainly be felt by families across America for a long time — it seems, some significantly more than others.