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20,000 People In New Zealand Attended A Huge Concert Without Social Distancing

The coronavirus had a drastic impact on most parts of the world, but New Zealand stands out as a country that has fared extraordinarily well in dealing with COVID-19. It was only a matter of months before the island nation ended the pandemic domestically, and there are currently just 85 active cases (none of which are being treated in hospitals) out of 1,906 total confirmed cases. So, life is looking closer to normal in the country, which explains why it was just able to host its largest concert since the start of the pandemic.

Popular New Zealand group Six60 performed in Waitangi to an audience of about 20,000 people. Metro reports that there were no social distancing measures put in place and the band’s Chris Mac even interacted with the audience.

Six60 singer Matiu Walters told local publication the Northern Advocate, “Being here and able to get together while the rest of the world basically can’t has really given us a good appreciation of how well our country has done in managing COVID and just how lucky we are. I feel really proud that we have got our act together so well on COVID.”

The show was the first of a brief national tour for Six60, which will also take the band to Hastings, New Plymouth, Christchurch, Wellington, and Hamilton.

Meanwhile, there’s optimism that concerts will return to the US at some point in 2021, with Dr. Anthony Fauci suggesting that some venues could be able to open in the fall.