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Smino Dropped A Brief, Psychedelic New Song Called ‘Martian Luther King Drive’

Standard release these days might call for new music to drop on Thursday night/Friday morning, but Smino has never been one to play by the rules. Besides, with a psychedelic song about martians and wordplay around MLK Drive, how could he sit on this one? Announcing a new song earlier today on social media just a few hours before it dropped, the St. Louis rapper included plenty of alien imagery in his preview posts. “MLK Dr.” @ MIDNITE, tell a fren” he wrote on Twitter, complete with alien and comet emojis:

His Instagram post basically shared the same info, with the caption: “MIDNIGHT. Drop 👽 if you ready drop 👽👽 if you want it . ☄” and the single’s cover artwork, along with a picture of someone, who we can only assume is Smino, in an alien mask.

Keeping in line with the funky and futuristic sound Smino has stuck with over the course of his first few projects, the lyrics get deep into double entendre like a line that references the title “I just seen a martian right off Martin Luther King.” Since the song is only a brief minute and thirty seconds, it is likely just a teaser for a longer project, so keep an eye out for more from Smino and listen to his latest above.