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Davante Adams Wants To Win Aaron Rodgers Another Super Bowl To Prove He’s The GOAT

The Green Bay Packers are 60 minutes away from sending Aaron Rodgers to the Super Bowl for only the second time in his Hall of Fame career. The team standing in the way in the NFC Championship Game is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and in a fun bit of fate, the guy on the other side of the field is one of the few signal callers who gets mentioned before Rodgers in the greatest of all time conversation, Tom Brady.

For years, people wanted to see Brady and Rodgers go head-to-head in the postseason, and while this won’t happen in the Super Bowl, there will still be huge stakes involved in this matchup. One of them, in the eyes of many who opine on the game, does not particularly matter to Packers receiver Davante Adams.

During a press availability on Wednesday, Adams discussed how he isn’t a fan of Super Bowl wins being viewed as a de facto quarterback stat, because in his eyes, Rodgers is the GOAT regardless of how many more rings a guy like Brady has on his finger. Still, he hears all of that, and wants to win Rodgers a ring with the hopes of quieting that all down.

He is correct that a player as good as Rodgers should be judged on more than how many Super Bowls he has won — ultimately, winning a championship takes a special team, not just an excellent quarterback. Having said that, athletes of Rodgers’ class are always going to be judged on how many championships they end up lifting in their career, especially when their career is happening at the same time as a guy like Brady, who has the record for the most championships for any player in league history. The good news for Rodgers and Adams is that there is a pretty straightforward way for the conversation surrounding the former to change up the narrative around his career, and winning this Sunday would be a major step in making that happen.