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Chloe Bailey’s Solo ‘Buss It’ Challenge Video Has People Going Bananas

Erica Banks‘ “Buss It” has officially taken over the internet, but as with nearly all viral video trends, the #BussItChallenge wave seemed to be cresting after several weeks of dominance. Then Chloe X Halle got involved — or rather, elder sister Chloe did — and it seems she’s given the challenge new life, as well as once again dropping jaws on Twitter as she continues to shed her squeaky-clean teen singer image.

Chloe, who set off the trending topics a few weeks ago thanks to her antics during a Chloe X Halle livestream performance, turns in a vintage example of the #BussItChallenge in her video, but the video is likely drawing more attention because of who’s not in it: Younger sister Halle, who was cast in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney Renaissance classic The Little Mermaid.

The conflicting schedule caused the sister duo to finally split their Instagram accounts — now, each has their own separate handle, while their joint account continues to post cute group videos like this one — which may well fuel rumors that one or both of the sisters will eventually go solo. While they’ve maintained that they remain a duo for the foreseeable future, the argument can be made that without the constraints of a Disney contract hovering over her, Chloe has leaned into the more “grown-up” posture the duo embraced on their critically hailed 2020 album Ungodly Hour.

Meanwhile, Erica Banks and Nelly are likely grateful for the boost in popularity for the #BussItChallenge. Nelly recently expressed his approval for the challenge, which helps line his pocket thanks to the sample of his 2002 hit “Hot In Herre,” while Banks garners more support for her future endeavors as she looks to follow her 1501 Certified Entertainment labelmate Megan Thee Stallion into the spotlight.