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‘The Walking Dead’ Delivers An Intense New Trailer For The Extended Season 10, Featuring Little Hershel

Fans of The Walking Dead have only been treated to one episode since last April. In fact, Season 10 of the series has technically been airing since October 2019, a whopping 473 days ago. Ultimately, the tenth season is not expected to be finished until around April 2021, meaning that (owing to the pandemic) the tenth season will last a full two years. Meanwhile, the eleventh season, which kicks off in the fall, is expected to air 24 episodes in around one year.

In addition to the delay owed to the pandemic, the tenth season also had 6 episodes added onto it as a sort of bridge between the 10th and final seasons. This season is expected to fill in some gaps, namely where Maggie has been; where Daryl was in the years after Rick’s disappearance; and it will provide an origins story for Negan.

It won’t all be storylines from the past, however. The trailer itself features the masked assassin who accompanies Maggie back to Alexandria, played by Cobra Kai star Okea Eme-Akwari, and it also features members of The Commonwealth dragging away Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and the Princess, which is a sequence that picks up where the original season finale left off. We also get our first look at Robert Patrick and Lynn Collins, who will guest star in the extended season, as well as another look at Hilarie Burton’s Lucille, who looks almost unrecognizable in her wig (the character has cancer). The trailer also gives us a first glimpse of Lil Hershel Rhee, Glenn and Maggie’s baby, who is all grown up.

The Walking Dead returns on February 28th.