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Ted Cruz Is Being Mocked For A Tweet In Which He Thinks The Paris Climate Agreement Is About Parisians

Ted Cruz isn’t doing so well. A growing number of his colleagues in Congress want him expelled due to his role in the failed MAGA riot that occurred a mere fortnight before new president Joe Biden’s was sworn in. His own former staffers are now “disgusted” with him. He’s refused to apologize, refused to back down, and is still his punchy self on social media, even when he’s repeatedly owned by AOC. The Texas senator was at it again on Inauguration Day, with a tweet so obviously false that, once again, people couldn’t help but ridicule him.

The tweet came mere hours into the Biden presidency, after he resigned to the Oval Office and fired off one policy after another, each reversing some of Trump’s more controversial moves. The “Muslim ban” was gone. Construction on the border wall was to be stopped. That inane “1776 Project,” which minimized slavery and was released on MLK Day? Deleted from the White House site. He also reneged Trump’s removal of the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, ensuring we’d be helping the planet’s other nations fight climate change. So Cruz took his shot.

“By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement,” he wrote, “President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans.”

Just one really obvious thing: The Paris Climate Agreement has as much to do with Parisians as, to use his example, Pittsburghians. It’s called that because the agreement was signed in Paris. Many were quick to point this well-documented fact out.

Some used some examples to show the error of his logic.

Others posited that Cruz may be only playing at being dumb.

But many do think he’s actually just dumb.

Others wondered why he was so concerned with Pittsburghians all of a sudden.

Or, for that matter, why does he now care about not disenfranchising the whole of the country?

In any case, perhaps Cruz — and others, like Josh Hawley — won’t have much time left at their job anyway.