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Glastonbury May Still Have A Smaller Event This Year Despite Its 2021 Cancelation

UK music fans were hopeful that Glastonbury would be able to go on this year, but over the past few months, organizers didn’t sugar-coat the fact that the 2021 festival may not be able to happen. Sure enough, it was announced yesterday that this year’s festival has been canceled. That said, this doesn’t mean the folks behind Glastonbury won’t do anything this year.

In an LBC interview, festival founder Michael Eavis said that he hopes to organize some sort of smaller Glastonbury event this year. He said, “I would like to do something in September. I would like to do something smaller somewhere around the anniversary date of when we started, which was the 18th of September 1970. I would like to consider possibly doing something around that time.”

He was then asked if such an event would involve getting some big artists who were slated for this year’s canceled fest to participate, and he responded, “Yes, but I do need to get reassurance from the ethics people.”

Festival organizer Emily Eavis previously said that if this year’s festival didn’t go on as planned, some sort of Glastonbury event could still take place this year, saying in 2020, “We’re actually looking into the possibility of streaming some things from here if we can’t run the full show next year. We really want to get busy with planning some gigs — even if they’re to be streamed!”