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The ‘Resident Evil Village’ Story Trailer Revealed A Release Date And PlayStation 5 Got An Exclusive Demo

Sony’s PlayStation 5 games reveal showed off a look at the next game in the Resident Evil series, and now we know that Resident Evil 8 will officially be called Resident Evil Village. With that news came a story trailer for the game and a release date: May 7.

Ethan Winters is back, searching for his missing daughter in a new location sure to frighten you just as much as all the others. The trailer is as creepy as ever, featuring crucified people, flashlight-lit gun strafing and plenty of attacking ghouls.

“This place is full of nothing but blood and death,” a voice says, which sets a fairly predictable tone for what’s to come. Including images like this.


And according to an IGN report, the PS5 demo isn’t merely a slice of what will be the final game, but a unique experience that only PlayStation 5-havers will get to experience.

Instead of playing as Resident Evil 7 and Village protagonist Ethan Winters, players will take control of a character called the “Maiden.” Fabiano says the demo doesn’t have combat, but like Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, the events of the demo will likely tie into the events of Resident Evil Village in some way.

The good news for those that haven’t bought (or found) Sony’s next-gen console just yet is that Capcom said a different demo will also hit other consoles later in the spring. Which means we’ll see at least one other piece of the puzzle before Resident Evil 8 is finally released.