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Roger Stone Is Pissed That Trump Pardoned ‘Progenitor Of Hobo Chic’ Steve Bannon For His Crimes Defrauding Trump’s Own Supporters

While on a break from his normal routine of showing up to Donald Trump rallies looking like Dick Tracy’s Nazi uncle, Roger Stone has written a scathing op-ed eviscerating Steve Bannon for receiving a presidential pardon. Back in August 2020, Bannon was arrested for multiple counts of fraud by the U.S. Postal Service police, which was particularly ironic at the time because Trump’s new postmaster general was in the process of sabotaging the postal system in an effort to impede mail-in voting during the presidential election. Bannon and others allegedly embezzled funds raised by Trump supporters to “Build the Wall” between the United States and Mexico, and it’s for that offense that Stone thinks he should’ve been denied a pardon. Via Stone Cold Truth:

The crime Steve Bannon was accused of had nothing to do with Donald Trump or the Trump campaign. He stole $1 million from small-dollar donors who thought they were trying to build the wall. Bannon has been a less than loyal ally of the president, even openly discussing a challenge or an effort to succeed Trump himself in the White House.

The progenitor of hobo chic, Bannon actually chases down hobos to get their clothes. The rest is dumpster diving. A little hot water and soap wouldn’t hurt either.

Nothing like having your fashion sense criticized by a guy who dresses like a Batman villain. Of course, the real reason behind Stone’s salty rant, which he mentions several times in his screed, is the fact Bannon testified against Stone in court and accused of him being an “access point” between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks. While Stone was found guilty, he was pardoned by Trump before he started his sentence. However, while Stone clearly thinks he deserved his pardon for remaining loyal to Trump while Bannon did not, Stone is confident that he’ll be having the last laugh.

“Bannon will be charged with money laundering along with another foreign-born individual soon,” he wrote. “So in the end, his pardon by President Trump will not spare him from the incarceration he so richly deserves.”

(Via Stone Cold Truth)