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Soulja Boy Is Being Sued By His Former Assistant For Sexual Battery, Assault And False Imprisonment

In a filing that is very similar to another suit brought back in 2019, TMZ reports that Soulja Boy is being sued by his former personal assistant. The suit, filed under Jane Doe, alleges sexual battery, sexual assault, and false imprisonment. The 2019 suit of a similar nature included an accusation of a concussion and three broken ribs, and Jane Doe alleges similar violence in the new claim.

According to this new report, the assistant began working for Soulja during 2018 and he escalated their relationship by sending unsolicited lewd photos of his penis. Eventually, the two developed a consensual romantic relationship and she moved in with him, but it often escalated to violent altercations, like when he allegedly pushed her out of a vehicle in January of 2019. The former assistant says the first physical assault occurred in February of 2019, and that the rapper “expressed remorse” after the incident by giving her $1,000. Other allegations include being locked in a room with no food and water, being spit on and punched, kicked and body slammed.

The suit alleges that Doe was violently assaulted — sometimes twice a day — and one case in August of 2020 was so horrible that she moved out, but when she returned to get her belongings was raped again. A representative for the rapper reportedly gave the following statement to TMZ: “Soulja would never put his hands on a female. He wouldn’t beat a woman or put his hands on a woman … this is non-sense!!!”

While this seems to be a separate suit from the previous ones filed, it’s impossible to miss the similarities in claims made by the women.