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Donald Trump Jr. Got Owned On Twitter After Boasting That His Dad Didn’t Involve The U.S. In A War

It’s been half a week since Donald Trump left office, as well as two weeks since he was banned from much of social media. And though things have been much more quiet without his constant presence, his family and supporters are happy to keep him in the conversation. On Friday night, his oldest son, Don Jr., took to Twitter to try and boast about one of his accomplishments. And he was very quickly and very thoroughly owned.

“Donald Trump is the first president in modern history did not start a new war,” Jr. wrote. While technically it’s true no war started on his watch, there’s still a lot to unpack here. And unpack people did, taking issue with his bold claim.

For starters, his definition of “modern history” seemed to be pretty modest. Presidents Obama, Clinton, Reagan, and both did either start or involve the U.S. in a war, but you don’t have to reach back that far to find another president who didn’t: Jimmy Carter.

And then there’s that failed MAGA coup he helped start.

Or the tragically large number of COVID-19-related deaths, which, nearly a year later, are at record numbers.

Besides, it’s not as though Donald J. Trump didn’t try to start a war.

Some pointed out his other failures.

And some pointed out Jr.’s typo.

In fact, maybe it wasn’t Jr. doing the tweeting after all.