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The ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Trailer Is Full Of Monster Battles And A Hint About Why They’re Even Fighting In The First Place

When we last saw Godzilla on the silver screen, the lizard was doing its best to protect humanity from the other big bads some nefarious humans were working hard to wake up. He was the good guy, narratively, at least. But according to the trailer for Godzilla Vs. Kong, it may have the role of antagonist in the latest monster flick.

The trailer, which dropped on Sunday, sets up King Kong as the beast with a better connection to humanity by way of a young girl he seems to be protecting. That connection is reestablished while Kong is being transported, for one reason or another, in chains by boat.

Which is when Godzilla inevitably shows up to wreck some boats, and when Kong gets free of those chains he inevitably yells at the water and starts fighting the lizard while standing on the wreckage. It’s an epic battle, one that later is carried out amid the neon-glow of a metropolis, but it’s still a mystery what’s making the two monsters battle it out.

“There was a war,” a voice says, as footage shows King Kong flinging a flying beast around by its tail into another one. “And are the last two standing.”

This battle was set up by the end credits of King Of The Monsters, of course, but it’s unclear exactly how these two Titans know each other, what their beef is and whether Ghidorah’s severed head will play into the plot in any way. We’ll see who’s actually the good guy or if there’s really anyone to root for while they destroy human cities later this spring. The movie is slated for a March 26 release, both in theaters and on HBO Max.