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We Need Someone To Explain This Creepy Tom Brady Tweet From The Minions

On Sunday afternoon, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in frosty Green Bay, Wisconsin to take on the Packers in the NFC Championship game. It is Brady’s first visit to the NFC title game, having won nine AFC titles and lost in another four trips to the AFC Championship while with the New England Patriots, and he’ll have to takedown a fellow living legend in Aaron Rodgers to reach a 10th Super Bowl.

There are few things that the Brands love to do more than come up with a social media post that is tangentially related to the big sporting event of the day because it provides an opportunity for easy engagement that all of us crave. This is typically done if they have some connection to a team playing or a player as an ambassador, but sometimes they’ll just force it. An entity I was not expecting to go for the cheap pop of sports ball engagement on Sunday was the Minions Twitter account, but they went for it with one of the strangest, creepiest posts you’ll see all day, and an explanation is needed.

They then followed that up with a bit of a more traditional “who you got” type post but I still demand to know why a Minion was photoshopped into Tom Brady kissing his son, with the caption “squeeze us like a deflated football Tom Brady.”

I fear this image will be seared into my brain forever and I demand some answers as to why we were subjected to such a fate.