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Cardi B Breaks Down Her Family History After Being Pulled Into DaniLeigh’s ‘Yellow Bone’ Controversy

An exasperated Cardi B gave her fans a history lesson and a breakdown of her family tree after being pulled into the recent controversy over DaniLeigh’s new song “Yellow Bone.” When DaniLeigh was called out for promoting colorism by fans insisting she isn’t Black because of her Dominican roots, it wasn’t long before some were making the comparison between Dani and Cardi, who is also Dominican.

Cardi wasn’t happy about being dragged into the controversy after explaining her history multiple times since becoming a celebrity as a cast member of Love & Hip-Hop, but it has been over 18 months since the last time and that’s usually about how long it takes for everyone on the internet to forget something happened and bring it back up again. “Every 6 months I gotta explain myself cause people can’t research,” she tweeted. She then followed up with a series of photos and quick responses hashing out her appearance and how she slowly learned to use correct terminology over time.

Explaining that she always embraced her Afro-Latina roots, Cardi cleared up that she hasn’t “always been super woke” and didn’t always use the correct terminology when one commenter said she didn’t know the difference between “race,” “nationality,” and “ethnicity.” She also shared old photos of her family members to support her explanations and told her detractors, “It’s time for ya to pick up a book. Your ignorance at this point is a choice.”

Finally, proving that she’s mastered navigating social media controversies — as she should, considering she’s been at the center of so many — she pivoted the topic to skincare, asking fans for product suggestions for her recent breakouts. Meanwhile, DaniLeigh’s halfhearted apologies for “Yellow Bone” went full Lana Del Rey, bringing up her “chocolate man” and “dark-skinned friends.” Maybe she could take notes from Cardi and Chika, who explained why any Black woman would understand the harmful dynamics involved in “Yellow Bone” reinforcing the tenets of colorism.