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Kevin Durant Has Some Very Strong Takes On Who Should Win In ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’

Sunday was a big sports day with the NFC and AFC Championship games in Green Bay and Kansas City as well as seven NBA games on the schedule, but in the morning a lot of the conversation on social media was about the debut of the trailer for the upcoming Godzilla Vs. Kong movie.

Because the title of the movie is literally Godzilla Vs. Kong the trailer sparked a lot of conversation about who would win in the fight — along with some who think this will be a Batman Vs. Superman situation where they ultimately team up together, but that’s not super important. The trailer shows the two legendary monsters going toe-to-toe in a number of situations, like on an aircraft carrier that Kong is sleeping on to in the city, and it shows them having pretty even battles.

With the Nets off on Sunday, Kevin Durant had some time to watch the trailer and develop thoughts, and is among those that had some very strong thoughts on the trailer, including noting he has no idea how Kong would stand a chance in this fight.

The trailer certainly seems to indicate that Kong will, indeed, put up quite the battle and could win — especially since he can apparently block Godzilla’s blue fire attack — but Durant is having none of it. He did note that Godzilla is getting up there and in need of load management, but make no mistake, this is a GOAT and Kong should be no challenge.

He even has some conspiracy theory takes on how they’re rigging this movie to make it even possible for Kong to have a chance.

There’s also an entire thread of tweets in which KD is appalled at the notion that people think Batman’s a trash superhero, and now I really want Durant to just start a movie review podcast that never discusses basketball but talks about movies like they’re sports. He clearly has a passion for this and is always ready to embrace debate.