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Westside Gunn Denies Having A Conflict With Conway: ‘U Do Know That’s My Brother’

Fans have questioned the status of Griselda Records in recent months as a result of some cryptic messages on social media, believing Conway the Machine may be leaving the Buffalo-based indie label as well as splitting from Shady Records. However, some fans’ comments have gotten way out of pocket as far as the label’s founder Westside Gunn is concerned. When one commenter on his recent Instagram post tried to warn, “Don’t let Conway ride on you,” Gunn vented that “I hate u internet n****s” after explaining what should be obvious: Conway and Gunn are blood brothers.


Meanwhile, Gunn already announced the end of his own deal with Shady on the Joe Budden Podcast in November, which may possibly extend to the Griselda label as a whole. The group released eight projects in 2020, with only Gunn’s Who Made the Sunshine bearing the Shady Records imprint. Shortly after the album was released, Gunn laughed off its lack of promotion from Shady founder Eminem, and in 2021, it doesn’t seem like things have changed too much for the label in the wake of the split. Griselda released its first feature film, Conflicted, this month, and while Conway’s absence from both the film and its soundtrack fueled fans’ speculation, Gunn’s confirmation seems to indicate that all is still well between the brothers — at least, personally.