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Matt Gaetz Got Owned After He Histrionically Compared Trump’s Impeachment To ‘Cancel Culture’

Florida representative Matt Gaetz is one of the Trump minions who’s stuck by his side even after the failed MAGA riot, and for good reason: He’s helped spread false claims of voter fraud. He loves Trump, he hates that he was impeached for a second time by his body of Congress, and he really hates that there’s a good chance the Senate may vote to impeach him as well. And since Gaetz is a very online presence, with a long history of being mocked, he made his thoughts known over Twitter.

“Impeachment is the zenith of cancel culture,” Gaetz wrote. It has the simplicity of a Zen koan, albeit one that falls apart when you think about it for more than a couple seconds. Indeed, it wasn’t long before a lot of people were taking the politician to the woodshed.

Some reminded him that he was recently among those who inspired a violent attempted insurrection that led to the deaths of five people.

Or that he spent months trying to overturn an election based on non-existent evidence.

Or that he’s a drunk driver.

Some pointed out that Gaetz was actually insulting his beloved Founding Fathers, who put impeachment into the Constitution.

Some pointed out that there are more pressing issues to care about.

And others simply made fun of Gaetz for being histrionic.

Well, at least not everyone’s calling him one half of Beavis and Butt-head again.