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Stephen Colbert Couldn’t Resist Making One Final ‘Pee Tape’ Joke About Trump

Is the “pee tape” real? We may never know, but count Stephen Colbert among the believers. The Late Show host has cracked countless jokes about the 2013 tape that allegedly shows Donald Trump watching two prostitutes pee in a bed that the Obamas slept in at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, Russia (it says a lot about Trump’s presidency that this story has been overshadowed by about 500 things). President Trump is now former-President Trump, but Colbert couldn’t bringing up the pee tape one more time.

The Late Show played a clip of Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump’s COVID-19 task force coordinator, revealing that Trump was getting a “parallel set of data and graphics” that she wasn’t privy to, according to CNN. When asked by CBS’ Face the Nation who was presenting him with the disinformation, she replied, “To this day, I don’t know. I know now why watching some of the tapes that certainly [advisor] Scott Atlas brought in parallel data streams.” Colbert couldn’t have asked for a better set up: “And if the rumors are true, the former-president will pay extra for streams.” Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

Or is it? Following the parody of “The Final Countdown,” Colbert, looking both ashamed and proud of himself, teased, “We’ll see, we’ll see.” More like, “We’ll pee, we’ll pee” is what the escorts said on that fateful night. (Sorry.) Watch the entire monologue above.