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Halsey Recalls A Madison Square Garden Show Where ‘Everything Stopped Working’

In a world where touring is an activity that won’t return until this fall at the earliest, artists have spent the better part of the last year performing from the comforts of their own home. During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Halsey reflected on some of the things she missed about touring. However, it’s what she said she did not miss about live performances that caused the singer to recall an interesting moment.

The pop singer revisited a 2016 show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden where nothing seemed to go right at its start. “One time I was onstage, and everything stopped working — sound, lights, video, music, the whole thing, my brain,” she said. “Everything malfunctioned, and I had to stand on the stage for two minutes talking to the crowd…. Two minutes in stage time is like a century.” A video from a fan who attended the concert shows the singer jumping into an impromptu monologue during her performance of “Castle” from her Badlands album when the malfunction occurred. She later revealed that once everything was fixed, she started the whole show over in order to “do the whole thing with no mistakes.”

Halsey’s appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden comes after she was forced to cancel the world tour behind her 2020 Manic album. “Despite our absolute best efforts, there is no guarantee I’ll be able to tour the currently scheduled dates,” she said in a statement to social media. “I miss seeing all of you in the crowd every night more than anything, but I need to prioritize your health and safety.”

You can watch her interview with Corden in the video above.