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Here’s The Video Of A Cavs Front Office Member Taunting LeBron And Sparking A Monster Fourth Quarter

A very funny story came out earlier this week when LeBron James claimed that he had a 21-point fourth quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers because he was taunted by a member of the team’s front office after missing a shot to close the third. It was funny because you’d imagine if there was any one organization that would know you do not taunt LeBron James, it would be the Cavaliers, as they had front row seats to watching him do that to other franchises for years.

Instead, they decided to tug on Superman’s cape, which went approximately like this:

Twenty-one fourth quarter points later and James was the driving force behind a 115-108 win over the pesky Cavs. But still, it’s unclear exactly what happened that led to James sneering and scoring just under half of his 46 points in one 12-minute period. Fortunately the video ended up hitting the Twitterverse, and while we can’t get the audio, we can certainly see that James’ claim that he was prodded by someone who got real happy that he missed a jumper was, indeed, true.

Again, how a member of the front office of the team that LeBron James brought to four NBA Finals in a row doesn’t know better is a bit of a surprise, but hey, sometimes you have to learn things like this the hard way.