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Marco Rubio Instantly Freezes Up When Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Quizzes Him About Ivanka Trump Challenging His Senate Seat

GOP Senator Marco Rubio has had quite a handful of years. He lost the 2016 Republican primary to a guy that dubbed him as “Little Marco,” and then Rubio spent four years ingratiating himself to the GOP’s MAGA crowd, almost up until the very end of Donald Trump’s White House days. It seemed pretty obvious that Rubio always felt unease at supporting Donald but also feared rocking the boat on his own political career. What will Rubio receive for that display of (obviously troubled and reluctant) loyalty? It doesn’t sound like a “thank you” in any shape or form.

Ivanka Trump is rumored to be considering a run for Rubio’s seat, and the very thought of a challenge by Donald’s daughter is a slap in the face, to say the least. When confronted with this prospect by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, here’s how that went:

Cavuto: “You do know that next year you could be facing a primary challenge? There’s talk that Ivanka Trump is interested in running against you. What do you think of that?”

Rubio: “Bu bu bu but… All of us are elected. Any one of us can be primaried, every single one of us can have a primary challenge.”

Cavuto: What would you think of it was Ivanka Trump?

Rubio: I would… I would… I like Ivanka Trump.

Rubio’s not too great with confrontation, even from a mild-mannered Cavuto. That’s a little strange coming from a senator, but we’re also talking about the same guy who’s turning off Twitter replies to avoid seeing a deluge of negative responses. And in the process, he’s silencing voices that he may very well represent from his Florida district. Then again, Ivanka has flat-out deleted tweets that receive a backlash, so uh yes, expect these debates to be a hot mess, if Ivanka actually steps up to challenge him.