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Tributes Rolled In Following The Passing Of Beloved NBA Reporter Sekou Smith

Beloved NBA writer and analyst Sekou Smith died on Tuesday. Smith, a Michigan native based out of Atlanta and a perpetually welcoming face to hoops fans who would tune into NBA TV, lost his battle with COVID-19, sparking an overwhelming response from the basketball community for a man whose love for the game was unmatched. The news of his passing became known to hoops fans by Unit1HoopSource.

A graduate of Jackson State, Smith, who was 48, covered the league for decades following a stint at The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss. He spent years covering the Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks before joining Turner, where his musings would appear in writing, on television, and on his podcast, “NBA Hang Time,” which he hosted alongside Lang Whitaker and Rick Fox. A man who wore many hats, the thing that always came through no matter the medium was that Smith truly loved the game of basketball, something that NBA commissioner Adam Silver articulated in a statement.

Bringing Smith up to anyone in the basketball world would always elicit a similar response — a smile, a story, something about how he was a force for good in the sport. This sentiment spread like wildfire among those who knew him in the game, whether they were players, fellow reporters, or anyone else who got the chance to know him.

Turner analyst Steve Smith took a moment before his broadcast of Clippers-Hawks on Tuesday evening to speak about Smith, emphasizing that the impact Sekou had on him goes beyond hoops.

Smith was well-known for his ranking of the league’s MVP candidates, which was known as Sekou’s MVP Ladder and always found a way to inject insight into even the most one-sided of races to be named the league’s top player.

For those who had the privilege of knowing him, there was no one better. Rest in peace, Sekou.